MWL Brasil Rodas & Eixos Ltda is a leading Brazilian company in the production of forged railroad wheels and axles. Own technology, tradition, recognition for high quality products and a qualified and committed workforce are the main factors for success.
MWL Brasil’s product line is aimed at the passenger railroad segment, locomotives, wagons and industrial products, such as overhead crane wheels, pulleys and sketches for gears. The products serve the national market and have a strong presence in the international market, being present in several countries around the world.


Safely move people and properties, adding value to our customers, our staff, society and shareholders.


Be the 1st option on wheels, axles and other forged products in Brazil, with a strong international presence.


Provide quality products and services in accordance with international standards.
Conduct business with entrepreneurship and social responsibility.
Pride of our tradition.


MWL Brasil offers high quality and performance forged products, meeting the main international standards of the railroad segment and consequently ensuring the safety of passengers, operators and transported products. The company is equipped to carry out non-destructive tests, such as chemical analysis through a spectrometer, automatic ultrasound (Phased Array) by immersion, magnetic particles, hardness and also performs destructive tests of traction, impact (Charpy), hardness map, residual stress, fracture toughness (KIc) and metallographic tests.
The undisputed excellence in the manufacture of vacuum degassed, forged and heat treated steel aims to meet the European specification EN 13262 and North American AAR M-107/M-208, which, together with the strict standards of ISO 9001:2015 and AAR M- 1003 provide more reliability and safety for passenger cars, cargo and locomotives.


MWL Brasil Rodas & Eixos Ltda., a manufacturer of railway wheels and axles and forged products made of its own steel, located in Caçapava, State of São Paulo, has established the following principles:

  • Provide conditions which enable our employees to perform their activity safely and professionally;
  • Manufacture high quality products according to the requirements and specifications required by the customers fulfilling the agreed delivery conditions;
  • Continuously improve the productive process and Quality Management System;
  • Fulfillment with current legislation and Environment Protection.

Rodovia Vito Ardito, Km 01
Zip Code: 12.282-535
Caçapava – São Paulo – Brasil